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For General Information about Herm2Hockeytown, please contact Jen MacRostie at or Chris Hollis at

For questions regarding contributing to the fundraiser and anything about monetary donations, please email

For information regarding donations of hockey related items for our prize drawing, please contact Mike Serven at  

For all media inqiuiries, please contact

To contact DMC and Children's Hospital of Michigan regarding Herm 2 Hockeytown, please email Kelly Landis at

For issues related to this website, please contact Gabriel Porras at


For less than the price of a cup of coffee...

$5. That's all it takes. It's a fast food lunch, minus the nausea.

PayPal demands a tracking pixel...? Seriously?

Because naked's just not your look.

I sent a Brazilian to Detroit and all I got was this t-shirt.

First you send the money. Then you get the clothing. Then you get the women.

Or the men.

Whatever. It's all good.